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How Important Is The Penetration Testing?

  • By Michael Samson
  • 26 May, 2017
Penetration Testing Dubai and ISO 27001

Penetration testing is done to test your network for any possible threats and vulnerabilities. We know that, the networks these days are surrounded by different threats. So the businesses and other firms need to keep themselves safe from these threats and risks to ensure that they are in a safe zone.

During the penetration testing, a network is being tested by a team of professional testers. That includes hackers, networking experts, and other IT specialists. No secret information is being exposed to them to ensure that they can hack the network and find its flaws on their own.

They put up their efforts to somehow make it possible to attack and hack the network they are working on. That attack and hacking help them know the weak points. That’s how the testing of a network is done. The penetration testing Dubai are well-known for their expert services in this niche. 

How Penetration Testing could be done?

It can be done in following ways.

Company Address:

You could provide the testers with the company address only. You can then ask them to try to hack your company network and access the systems. They could use different techniques to hack your company systems. 

Web Application:

You can put the web application which isn’t deployed by you yet, in front of the testers. You can ask them to break it and access it to cause damage to it. This will enable you to understand how much reliable your web application is?

Why is this test important?

It is really important for an organization to put their application or network in front of a professional team which can try to find out what weak points does it have? They put their efforts to try to hack and compromise the security somehow.

Whenever a network or a security application is built, it possibly can have some weak points. It is important for the company to know them. But they can never test and know the flaws well on their own. That’s why, a professional testing team is hired as they are experienced hackers, so they somehow find all the possible weak points.


The penetration testing is common these days all around the world. Companies do prefer it a great deal now, to remain safe from the threats and hackers. Thus, with the standard ISO 270001 Oman has a lot of information security providing and testing firms. They help the organizations to remain safe from different threats and vulnerabilities.

By Michael Samson 19 Jan, 2018


By Michael Samson 06 Jan, 2018

As security threats continue to get more and more advanced, there is a growing demand in the global industry for organizations to start building Security Operations Centers (SOCs).

Relying on standard firewalls and antivirus software programs is simply not enough in the modern world; it’s the equivalent of protecting the National Bank with just one guard standing at the front door.

Effective cybersecurity requires layers of defenses, active real-time detection of threats, and measures put in place that can deal with these threats quickly and efficiently.

Ideally, it is recommended that you outsource the business security entirely to a managed SOC ; a professional third party company that can take full responsibility for securing your networks using the latest software and techniques.

However, it is understandable that the data at some organizations are far too sensitive to be seen by any outsiders. In this case, your best option is to build an in-house operations center.

Here is a 4-step guide to the process:

By Michael Samson 27 Dec, 2017

It is the general perception that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been introduced all of a sudden but this is not true. The GDPR is a result of hard work and careful analysis done for four years by the EU.

The chief objective of the GDPR is to provide data protection to all EU citizens in the form of legislation to bind organizations to take adequate action in case of any data breach.

In the case of the UK, the country presently relies on the Data Protection Act 1998 that was introduced as per the directives of the EU. However, it will be suspended soon by the introduction of new laws. The UK is expected to put heavy fines in case of non-compliance with data protection laws.

By Michael Samson 19 Dec, 2017

Enterprises heavily rely on data and it is the basic element at every company’s beating heart. It is said that some of the best companies in the world would collapse in a few days due to data blackout. Being the most valuable asset of an enterprise, every possible measure is taken to keep the data safe.

Enterprises spend a lot on data security these days. Data breaches are becoming frequent and companies are not hesitant to stay ahead of the curve. Failure to observe security threat and risk assessment results in huge financial losses and a broken reputation.

Following rules are incorporated in every company’s data security policy.

By Michael Samson 11 Dec, 2017

The simple answer is yes, and we’re going to explain why!

By Michael Samson 23 Nov, 2017

Cloud computing allows users to move their data from solid hard drives linked to computers or networks in a singular locality, to third party hosted data centers. This means users can access this data from anywhere in the world, from any device that is capable of connecting to the internet.

You might not realize it, but cloud computing already plays a massive part in your daily life. All the data from popular social media websites like Facebook and YouTube is hosted on the cloud, which is why you can access it from your phone or computer anywhere in the world.

By Michael Samson 07 Nov, 2017

An already established business often has a tight security program to avoid data breaches. Even if a data breach happens, the implemented security program does not let it compromise their confidential data. However, a newly established business or startup may possibly face it sooner and left it helpless in terms of compromising its sensitive information.

Most of the startups fail to develop an advanced and satisfactory information security program. Failing to develop a mature security program based on an operation center like the security operation center UK might be a lack of resources or time. Though, most of the owners do not focus avoid their growth and defense and assume it a burden rather than necessity.

Data breaches are currently on the rise and experts are imagining that they will be more common in the next year. They target both startups and established businesses and steal their trendy ideas together with precious data. In order to overcome every type of data breaches, including the following items in your information security program can defend your startup valuable data.

By Michael Samson 30 Oct, 2017

The cyber-crimes raised a lot during the last couple of decades. So, they have started to become a real and severe headache for most of the organizations. Different kinds of vulnerabilities, including the hackers, are active round the clock to try to make an attempt to compromise the security of any particular organization.

Businesses, whether they are small, medium-sized or huge organizations, the efficient and effective security services have become the need of everyone. That’s why, most of them look forward to third party service provider in this regards. Because the third party managed security service providers are the right choice without any doubt.

By Michael Samson 23 Oct, 2017

Firewall provides an essential layer of protection which is a significant part of a network security strategy. It is managed so that the network stay secured against security attacks of unauthorized users. Effective supervision of firewall is challenging if the network has a varied community of clients, servers and devices with matchless communication requirements.

Every organization’s network is different and no hacker-proof configuration is ever discovered to protect everyone’s network. Instead, some recommended practices are available for network firewall management . These practices act a starting point to keep your security under control to prevent gaps within the network.

By Michael Samson 14 Oct, 2017

The daily management of large volumes of information is quite challenging. The constant monitoring of the data and securing the perimeters of the network demand a thorough methodology to be established. The flow of data across the network is comprised of different value.

The hackers and malware have the capacity to infiltrate the data through various means. The correlation required to monitor the data and its frequency on the network requisite observing each event in its entirety. In addition the investigation procedure also entails the analysis of different scenarios.

The compliance procedures established must also be analyzed to design the reporting approach that incorporates all the relevant scenarios.

The time required to report an incident and instantly report it is important and SIEM as a service provides the scalability to execute timely solutions.

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