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How Important Is The Penetration Testing?

  • By Michael Samson
  • 26 May, 2017
Penetration Testing Dubai and ISO 27001

Penetration testing is done to test your network for any possible threats and vulnerabilities. We know that, the networks these days are surrounded by different threats. So the businesses and other firms need to keep themselves safe from these threats and risks to ensure that they are in a safe zone.

During the penetration testing, a network is being tested by a team of professional testers. That includes hackers, networking experts, and other IT specialists. No secret information is being exposed to them to ensure that they can hack the network and find its flaws on their own.

They put up their efforts to somehow make it possible to attack and hack the network they are working on. That attack and hacking help them know the weak points. That’s how the testing of a network is done. The penetration testing Dubai are well-known for their expert services in this niche. 

How Penetration Testing could be done?

It can be done in following ways.

Company Address:

You could provide the testers with the company address only. You can then ask them to try to hack your company network and access the systems. They could use different techniques to hack your company systems. 

Web Application:

You can put the web application which isn’t deployed by you yet, in front of the testers. You can ask them to break it and access it to cause damage to it. This will enable you to understand how much reliable your web application is?

Why is this test important?

It is really important for an organization to put their application or network in front of a professional team which can try to find out what weak points does it have? They put their efforts to try to hack and compromise the security somehow.

Whenever a network or a security application is built, it possibly can have some weak points. It is important for the company to know them. But they can never test and know the flaws well on their own. That’s why, a professional testing team is hired as they are experienced hackers, so they somehow find all the possible weak points.


The penetration testing is common these days all around the world. Companies do prefer it a great deal now, to remain safe from the threats and hackers. Thus, with the standard ISO 270001 Oman has a lot of information security providing and testing firms. They help the organizations to remain safe from different threats and vulnerabilities.

By Michael Samson 18 Aug, 2017

The interface designed to manage load is an important part of engineering solutions for buildings. The infrastructure must address the cabling needs. The level of susceptibility is high. Efficient cabling solutions address how to design the most optimum methodology.

By Michael Samson 11 Aug, 2017

Enterprise solution to safeguard the security of the network is a mainstream issue for any company in whatever industry. The solution must be al-embracing. It should incorporate different software as well as hardware appliances to create a genuine security structure that features detailed protection mechanism for diversified type of threats.

By Michael Samson 03 Aug, 2017

Business world online has been always vulnerable to cyber attacks. Despite the fact that technological trends are advancing with consistency, it seems that the attackers are also no ready to give up on improving their skills. Moving on and running a business online in such situations can be at times a very tricky choice.

By Michael Samson 25 Jul, 2017

Systems that are running on extra low voltage are the only practical solutions for today’s business needs. Coverage of energy shortage is the key goal of every organization. While ELV based systems are capable of extreme performance on a low voltage which is the perfect solution for saving energy.

ELV based systems are considered as the key requirements of every building. They are ranging from CCTV, telephony systems, access control systems, intrusion detection system, fire alarm, home automation and local and wide area networks. These systems are less exposed to major accidents because of the low voltage they use.

An ELV design consultant plays a vital role in the whole process of setting up these systems. They obey all of the control and quality assurance procedures to fully protect these systems from external attacks and efficient performance. Their main focus stays on mitigating hazards that’s why they regularly accomplish susceptibility assessments of these systems.

Now that have analysed how an ELV design advisor can beneficiate an organization, let’s have a look on the core responsibilities of a security consultant. They include:

By Michael Samson 10 Jul, 2017

Before we dig deep and go any further, let’s have a look at SOC first to know more about it, i.e. what is it and how it works.

By Michael Samson 29 Jun, 2017

In this era our business are all linked with the internet network. So due to this change and advancement we also have been surrounded by a lot of threats. That’s why, it is really important to have a proper solution, which can save us from the cyber-attacks which are really common these days. These attacks have been the reason behind downfall of hundreds of the well-known organizations. They have made them from multinational billionaire companies to bankrupt within no time.

In this era of advanced technology when we have a significant solution for the reason of security threat and risk assessment , then we must avail it right away. This will help us create a better protection layer against the vulnerabilities of this era. In this article we will tell you some of the steps to a better cyber-security.

By Michael Samson 29 Jun, 2017

Many business owners are not aware, how critical it may become while they are operating online with all the data that may be related to their clients or projects. Most of them try to be on top of this critical task and ensure that things are fine and under control but that is not the only solution.

Security threats faced at the corporate levels are normally huge and complicated in nature. Things may start going out of one’s hand as an entrepreneur in case one is not fully backed with a professional and reliable service provider in the said domain.

Professionals in this domain can suggest and install the right firewall security system that may work well for one’s business and may enable one to keep the unwanted and unauthorised access away from the sensitive information. With the advancement of technology, the levels of threats have raised too. Businesses that take this domain of security lightly normally have to face huge losses.

In developed countries like UK the focus of entrepreneurs in more toward the cyber world because they are well aware of the promising future that this world of online businesses hold. Experts are of the view that soon the world of online businesses will take over from the conventional trade system and entrepreneurs will make more ROIs from their online setups.

This fact has triggered the concerns for online safety further. Cyber security UK industry has evolved greatly over the years and has come up with some concrete and highly safe solutions for such businesses.

By Michael Samson 13 Jun, 2017

The need for secure business operations are kicking off, even in one of the stricter parts of the world when it comes to legislation. Yes, UAE, UK and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are some countries where legal framework both for offline and online business is very much on the firmer side. It is hard to get away with the proceedings, once one gets caught.

Even in such difficult and tightly backed market situations, you cannot be sure or shall I say that no one would guarantee you that things will be safe, smooth and sound all the time.

A slight change in the course, in the form of a neglect from one as an entrepreneur may turn the tables upside down and spoil the flow of business and its operations all in all.

Threats like cyber attacks, data breach, malicious activities, hacking and even sending virus contaminated emails and files may not be stopped only with the help of stricter legal frameworks.

Businesses in developed countries like United Kingdom look for smart solutions like UK SOC where the secure operation centres help business by monitoring in real time. The response to threats and alarming situations is always swift and the results are turned in the favour of service acquirer so that smooth business proceedings can be ensured all the time.

By Michael Samson 10 Jun, 2017

Qatar is the centre of attention for more than many reasons. It has been on the growing side when it comes to local and international investment. The FIFA world cup in 2022 is another factor that has shaped the attention of investors from different parts of the world toward it.

By Michael Samson 05 Jun, 2017

Business information processes and their security must be dealt with high priority. Such factors are always play the role of makers or breakers and can also be classified as the deciding factors as in how lasting and promising the future for a business can get. Few years back when trends were not as swift as they are now, such information was not dealt with very close focus.

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