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How Important Is The Penetration Testing?

  • By Michael Samson
  • 26 May, 2017
Penetration Testing Dubai and ISO 27001

Penetration testing is done to test your network for any possible threats and vulnerabilities. We know that, the networks these days are surrounded by different threats. So the businesses and other firms need to keep themselves safe from these threats and risks to ensure that they are in a safe zone.

During the penetration testing, a network is being tested by a team of professional testers. That includes hackers, networking experts, and other IT specialists. No secret information is being exposed to them to ensure that they can hack the network and find its flaws on their own.

They put up their efforts to somehow make it possible to attack and hack the network they are working on. That attack and hacking help them know the weak points. That’s how the testing of a network is done. The penetration testing Dubai are well-known for their expert services in this niche. 

How Penetration Testing could be done?

It can be done in following ways.

Company Address:

You could provide the testers with the company address only. You can then ask them to try to hack your company network and access the systems. They could use different techniques to hack your company systems. 

Web Application:

You can put the web application which isn’t deployed by you yet, in front of the testers. You can ask them to break it and access it to cause damage to it. This will enable you to understand how much reliable your web application is?

Why is this test important?

It is really important for an organization to put their application or network in front of a professional team which can try to find out what weak points does it have? They put their efforts to try to hack and compromise the security somehow.

Whenever a network or a security application is built, it possibly can have some weak points. It is important for the company to know them. But they can never test and know the flaws well on their own. That’s why, a professional testing team is hired as they are experienced hackers, so they somehow find all the possible weak points.


The penetration testing is common these days all around the world. Companies do prefer it a great deal now, to remain safe from the threats and hackers. Thus, with the standard ISO 270001 Oman has a lot of information security providing and testing firms. They help the organizations to remain safe from different threats and vulnerabilities.

By Michael Samson 14 Oct, 2017

The daily management of large volumes of information is quite challenging. The constant monitoring of the data and securing the perimeters of the network demand a thorough methodology to be established. The flow of data across the network is comprised of different value.

The hackers and malware have the capacity to infiltrate the data through various means. The correlation required to monitor the data and its frequency on the network requisite observing each event in its entirety. In addition the investigation procedure also entails the analysis of different scenarios.

The compliance procedures established must also be analyzed to design the reporting approach that incorporates all the relevant scenarios.

The time required to report an incident and instantly report it is important and SIEM as a service provides the scalability to execute timely solutions.

By Michael Samson 09 Oct, 2017

The imbalance in the security of the network can be quite detrimental. The infrastructure designed for the security is reliant on a range of different factors. How significant is your threat intelligence framework? The industry experts acknowledge the need to make radical adjustments to the security framework. In this respect the generation of intelligence from several sources can provide the difference in the outcome. The quality of the intelligence generated matters.

By Michael Samson 02 Oct, 2017

You utilize the tool that is available to secure network information. But is it really the right tool that is incorporated in the security mechanism? What value the tool has provided? The bond with security is positioned to thwart the progress of the infiltrators. The security professionals hide your security defects. The relationship of network with security is based on care and long term engagement. Overcoming the security issue is a debate that is only getting complex.

By Michael Samson 22 Sep, 2017

Before finalizing and hiring the services of a consultant you must get some references from fellow companies. This will keep you safe from choosing such a consulting firm which is of no worth. That’s why, it should be a top priority for you to get references first.

Once you have some good number of references, you can then look at some collective qualities of these firms to find the best one. Because their services are what you would completely rely on for the purpose of your network security. So, it’s really vital to make sure they really worth it like the services of top-notch firm security consulting Qatar .

By Michael Samson 18 Sep, 2017

Pen-testing is an assessment of the overall network for finding out susceptibility or loopholes. This is a fake attack on the network to analyse the weakness of available security. This way, every possible loophole is identified to overcome real time security attacks. These are the white hat techniques, mainly designed for:

  • Security issues and loopholes within a network.
  • Analyse ways that can let-down obeying policy.
  • Support safety practices of security personals and develop their awareness.
  • Measure the effectiveness of a system in response to security outbreak.

Experience and professionalism of a pen tester are really important to assess the security of a network. Regardless of the pen-test experience of in-house security experts, involving professionals like managed security services Qatar to name a single is recommended. Such a fresh eye can efficiently recognize the possible issues in a creative way.

Testing techniques need to be performed in a well-organized way. The tester must have a thorough understanding of different aspects to ensure that none of gap is left untreated before going out. Professional security services use the following methodology when they analyse a network.

By Michael Samson 05 Sep, 2017

The security leverage is only realizable when due diligence is practiced. For that you will have to adhere to best practices. Sometimes the organization does not have the resources to fulfill the notion of due diligence. The orientation of technological tool and the direction it provides to the outcome of the security is an undeniable necessity. Different tests carried out to monitor the existing potency of the security along with any potential loophole must be identified.

By Michael Samson 28 Aug, 2017

A business may not make it or go the distance, if it is not fully secured. Especially if it is a business that relies heavily on interconnected networks and cyber world, things may go in the grey zones within no time, soon as it is spotted by the attackers.

Whether you are operating in a highly developed country like the UK or if it is a country that is rich in resources and growing with each and every day the passes by, a good example here would be of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), you will need to move on in a secure passion.

By Michael Samson 18 Aug, 2017

The interface designed to manage load is an important part of engineering solutions for buildings. The infrastructure must address the cabling needs. The level of susceptibility is high. Efficient cabling solutions address how to design the most optimum methodology.

By Michael Samson 11 Aug, 2017

Enterprise solution to safeguard the security of the network is a mainstream issue for any company in whatever industry. The solution must be al-embracing. It should incorporate different software as well as hardware appliances to create a genuine security structure that features detailed protection mechanism for diversified type of threats.

By Michael Samson 03 Aug, 2017

Business world online has been always vulnerable to cyber attacks. Despite the fact that technological trends are advancing with consistency, it seems that the attackers are also no ready to give up on improving their skills. Moving on and running a business online in such situations can be at times a very tricky choice.

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